Synergy CDC, Synergy Housing Finance, and Synergy Asset Management

Synergy Community Development Corporation is a recognized 501(c)3 charitable and nonprofit corporation actively engaged in the development and preservation of affordable housing across the United States for low-income individuals and families. Synergy Housing Finance aids developers in the feasibility, structuring, financing, project management, and asset management of affordable and workforce housing developments nationwide. Synergy CDC, Synergy Housing Finance, and Synergy Asset Management provides effective development services, strategic partnerships, and over twenty years and $1.1 Billion of affordable housing investment, lending, and development experience to each transaction. Through our focus on mission that is supported by a practical and fiscally responsible approach, we create and partner on housing that is successful throughout the investment lifecycle and strengthens the community.

About Us

Mission & Vision

Synergy is a multifaceted housing centric group of creative and various business lines with the sole purpose of creating better communities enabled by housing for all.

Synergy Community Development Corporation (Synergy CDC) focuses on the preservation and development of affordable housing for low-income families and seniors nationwide. The officers and directors of Synergy CDC have significant experience in all aspects of affordable housing development, construction, finance and tax credit (LIHTC, HTC, SITC) matters. Synergy CDC works both independently and in partnership with other parties in order to ensure affordable units are preserved for low-income individuals and families, the workforce, and seniors. Through Synergy Housing Finance we serve the community and our development partners by offering a broad range of consulting services that is supported by Synergy Asset Management that benefits the investment through its lifecycle.

Our Team


Keith Kiecker

Keith Kiecker is president of Synergy Community Development Corporation (Synergy).


Jason Hobson

Jason A. Hobson is Chair of Synergy Community Development Corporation.


Mariko Kontos

Mariko 'Mari' Kontos joined Synergy Community Development Corporation in 2015.

Synergy Community Development Corporation

Affordable Housing Preservation and Development


Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Matters

Tax-Exempt Bond Matters

Historic Tax Credit Matters

Solar & Renewable Energy Tax Credit Matters

Property Tax Abatement, Reductions and PILOT Agreements

Inclusionary Housing and Density Bonus Matters

Debt & Equity Structuring and Sourcing

Applications to Financing and Subsidy Sources

PACE Financing Structuring and Sourcing

3rd Party Asset Management Services

Disposition/Year 15 Strategies and Analysis

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Consulting Expertise

If you are interested in partnering with Synergy CDC or utilizing Synergy Housing Finance consulting expertise please contact Keith Kiecker, President at:

Consulting Expertise

For inquiry of our development services and strategic partnerships, please send an email with a description of your organization and project with a summary of the assistance you need from Synergy CDC and Synergy Housing Finance.





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